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Over 4 million African Americans have served in the U.S. Military including the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

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Our Mission

The mission of The Peaceful Warriors Foundation  is to bring attention to, commemorate and applaud the contributions made by the many talented soldiers who served in all facets of the military as well as those who performed music and provided entertainment for our troops. Musicians and Entertainers play vital roles in dedicated service to all branches of the United States Military. In some of our country’s most dire situations, many soldiers have indicated how much of a morale booster it was to learn that a musical band of military soldiers or civilian entertainers would be flying in from thousands of miles across the globe just to entertain them. From the time of its defense against the British, we find evidence of America’s military being replete with musicians performing for, and serving within the ranks of the armed services. 
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PWF Music CD Project

Celebrating the music of Veterans is one of the major pillars of the Peaceful Warriors Foundation; and with our semi-annual “Music of Veterans” compilation CD, we give Veterans the opportunity to share their musical talents with the world. The CD will be officially released on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. This professionally recorded, produced, orchestrated and arranged music CD highlights the songwriting and musical capabilities of some of our most gifted Veterans. At no cost to our Veterans, the PWF provides them with “Grammy Award winning” songwriters, producers, music arrangers and savvy studio musicians to assist them with professionally composing and recording their songs. For Veteran’s who already have professionally produced and recorded songs, we work with them to include their recorded material on our semi-annual “Music of Veterans” CD.

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Asamu Johnson - Veteran CD Project

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From the beat of the drum, to the call of the bugle, music has always been an integral part of the United States military. Many veterans, who served and played in military bands, continued their careers in entertainment, music and the creative arts long after their military service; contributing to the multi-textured and colorful fabric of American culture. Many of these musicians and entertainers have credited their experience of performing for the troops and the musical education they received in the U.S. military as the solid foundation that allowed them to have success in the entertainment field after leaving the military. 

Bringing Home the Colors

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Lady of the Lake

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The Peaceful Warriors Foundation recognizes and acknowledges the important sacrifices that Veterans have made on behalf of our grateful nation. We celebrate the achievements and contributions of these outstanding Veterans by hosting FREE Events that feature “Live” Music, Filmed Veteran Interviews and Guest Speakers honoring their service and contributions to American Culture and their communities after coming home.

Salute to Allan Barnes

Salute to James C. McCloughan

Salute to Robert "Bobby" Barnes

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We highlight the experiences of our brave American soldiers on the battlefields, and in all capacities of military life. We believe that it is the responsibility of every American community and the government officials who represent them, to remember, honor and memorialize the stories of its Veterans. We recognize our brave Veterans for their service, hoping to inspire other communities to foster closer connections and relationships with their local Veterans and their experiences—and discover the shining heroes and heroines that are within their midst.  

Original Montford Point Marine: Carroll Braxton

Korean War Veteran Bobby Barnes

Medal of Honor Recipient Jim McCloughan

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The Peaceful Warriors Foundation has been nominated and won a variety of awards, including Emmys and Eclipse Awards. Our  Productions range from tributes and a Salute Medal of Honor Recipient James C. McCloughan to Korean War Veteran Bobby Barnes to interviews with Veterans like Congressional Gold Medal Recipient World War II Veteran, 95 year-old Carrol Braxton.

PWF-TV: American Hero

PWF-TV: Allan Barnes

PWF-TV: Medal of Honor

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The Uncle Bobby and Allan Barnes
Instruments 4 All Program

Uncle Bobby & Allan Barnes' motivating musical stories are just a few of the many that have influenced the lives of many kids and young adults who were inspired to get involved in music, and as a result changed their lives for the better. As many schools throughout the country are canceling their music programs, our children are being denied the opportunity to experience the positive affects that music can have in their lives. We here at the Peaceful Warriors Foundation are marching to the beat of a different drummer, and we feel that music must be allowed to continue for Veterans and their children who may be unable to afford the high cost of musical instruments. Via “The Uncle Bobby & Allan Barnes Instruments 4 All (I-4-All)” program, we donate FREE of any charges, new and well conditioned previously owned musical instruments to U.S. Military Veterans and their sons and daughters. The only requirement for the Veteran and/or their children to receive a FREE musical instrument, is for them to explain in a brief note or video message about why they would like to play an instrument and be involved in music. We only ask because we’d love to hear and share with others the thinking of why people of all ages, in this digitally dominated world, would still be interested in playing a real musical instrument.

With your generous support, you will enable The Uncle Bobby & Allan Barnes Instruments 4 All program to touch the hearts, minds and fingers of many Veterans and their children aspiring to play musical instruments, and maybe even allow them to follow in the footsteps of their musical idols, just like Uncle Bobby and Allan did---they would be so proud!

Uncle Bobby and Allan Barnes

Desert Wind - Allan Barnes

Ricky Rouse

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PWF News

Peaceful Warriors Foundation was the Winner of a 2020 MI-NATAS EMMY for "Left Behind in Vietnam"

Peaceful Warriors Foundation is looking forward to releasing the Music of Veterans CD  Volume 2. The CD will feature the music of Vietnam Veteran Allan Barnes, Korean War Veteran Bobby Barnes, Vietnam Veteran Asamu Johnson and Robert McCarther.

Peaceful Warriors Foundation is also readying for launch, the Instruments 4 All Program in honor of Bobby Barnes and Allan Barnes. Instruments will be made available to the children of Veterans.
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